Thursday, August 30, 2012

The 8 Hz E.P.

This was a fun and unique process. Long time friend and production veteran Bridge and eye got together immediately after finishing my debut project Back To the Peace. The idea was an E.P. 4-8 songs blah blah... fast-forward a year later we started to dive in on it. (Ended up doing a project with Water Power on some random.) A handful of vibe sessions, texts, and emails populated the 8 month process of picking feels for the project. We wanted the one song he'd produced for me "Soul Ascension" to be on the project as well, so the goal was to contribute complimenting feels.

The process gained momentum in the beginning 2012 and a bulk of the production, writing and recording was done this past spring.

Entitled 8Hz because of the low tonal resonance that Bridge's tracks are known to have, Check it here!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Water Power

These guys that have been apart of my artistry from the begining have finally decided to come from behind the scenes. Water Power, its a group of us, Emcees, DJ's, Musicians, vibe partners, and we pride ourselves on creating a new sound/movement for listeners... something all artists struggle with in such a saturated market. We got some help by an indie label ZyteGyst Recordings (Maryland) and here we are. Plans for shows inthe DMV and over seas this summer and upcoming fall. Check the joint we did on my solo project last year "Hands Up" with Javier Starks and Blurum 13.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gots to Do - Resyte Theez ft. Stan Roberts

The guys from Water Power and myself 've been cookin up some newness.

Checkit here..

Gots to Do - Resyte Theez ft. Stan Roberts

I appreciat yall checkin for me.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Update and The Creative Process

The "Back To The Peace" album has materialized relationships with some very talented artists, producers, and musicians. I'm grateful and humbled for these new found friends in artistry.

As I start to compile works for the new project, I'm sidetracked by callaborative efforts (check this jam I did with Blurm 13  and talks of a forming record label this coming winter. Great news to me obviously becuase I would then have financial backing from someone that believes in my work. But it's even better sounding becuase I will be able to maintain the rights to my name and subsequent projects. No need to name drop now since they dont exist yet, but believe if and when they come it'll be loud and clear.

The creative process continues though. New styles and new music coming soon. The BTTP album was all about a tribute to the old school. This new stuff is, for lack of a better word, new school. The newest of schools actually, with production from a very talented guy out of London so far. In this stage of my artistry I'm much more selective with my choices. Its less about filling up a catalog and more about having a catalog to be proud of. I'd like to make songs that breathe, stand alone, and not because its easily doable to a specific track or style.

*Cats are saying they're yet to really hear me be the lyricist they thought I was. lol. Well, expect some ill shit to be pulled out of the archives. Dont doubt the kid please.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Soul Ascension" Track

There is a track floating around that I did with a local producer Bridge called "Soul Ascension". My dude also refers to himself as The Medic, a remedy for the wackness .

The song is a fictional story told about physical relations with a female... but with class. Basically, I would bump into this girl every now and again and we'd pretend that we were strangers as we played the flirt game. I'd compliment her on her feet and invite her over for chicken and rice, and we'd have a good time, touching each other's soul through the spontaneity and quality of the mutual understanding. Deep, but not really. You take away all the garnish and its nothing more than a story about a booty call... with class.

The track came out dope tho. See for yourself below. I teamed up with my man Mr. Kik of ZyteGyst Recording for additional instrumentation.  I hit up the kid Joaquin Evans for some soulful vocals to lay underneath, and the result was this Bonita Apple Bum esk track that I obviously made to fit in with the theme of the "Back to the Peace" album. (Joaquin was also the vocalist on ReIdentified Luv)

Kik and I went back and forth about this song and where it would fit on the album. It was like having an argument with myself, we both had legitimate reasons for our opinions about the song sequencing. It didnt make the cutt for the first pressing, but its a bonus track on the second pressing so check for that. Get you a copy with some album art on it son!

Personally, I luv this joint. Specifically because its fiction, but the fact that it sounds real enough to try to set up with a girl yourself. Like the next bun you meet your gonna throw that idea out at her like.. "Yo, we should act like strangers next time we bump into each other like this... you seen my boxers??"

Peace yall


"Im in the pocket like Spanish empinadas"

Soul Ascension - Re, Produced by Bridge and Mr. Kik

ReIdentified Luv - Re, Feat Joaquin Evans

Friday, March 25, 2011

The "Extra" Video

Videographer Sukvinder Chamber of the production team entitled The GCC was very much responsible for the dope outcome of the video for my debut single. Break dancers are a intricate part of our culture in hip hop, and i wanted to give them some deserved notoriety They can single handedly turn a show into a party, and a party into the dopeness we all hope for when we leave the house for a good time. The breakers that showed up were amaizing. (As shown)

Special thanks to my homegurl Elisa Om who helped orchestrate the whole thing. Side note - Shorty showed up in the illest pair of sneaks that day, shouts out to sneaker, hip hop, and breaker heads everywhere.

Also shouts to Jason Griffin aka Peter Repeat, DJ I:V, LaRell Purdie, Primo the Cinematic, Tazk, Stelf, Kellz and the rest of the breakers... and also Blurum 13 for showing his parents this joint while they vacationed in south Spain.

- Re

"Me on beats tends to click like SMPTE, African dialects, metronomes..."